Overall, experience was good and provided opportunity for me to explore business ownership. Franchises provided for evaluation matched my skill sets well. - William P., AZ

Our Process

In order to find a franchised business that is the best fit for you, it is important that we have a better understanding of who you are, and what your goals and interest are.


In order to protect franchisees from direct competition, franchise businesses are delegated in territories. If we know what locations you would like to run a business in, then we can filter out franchised business that do not offer opportunities in your desired location.

Investment level:

Every franchise company will require that a potential franchisee meet their financial requirements. Franchise opportunities are numerous and the turnkey investments are all over the board. Depending on the industry, the initial financial requirement can range from 20K – 500k. What would be your investment level? Just remember that the cost of the franchise has no correlation to the money it can earn.

Industries of interest:

Understand your personality and choose a concept that matches your skills and interests as closely as possible. Keep in mind that some industries might be a more suited match for you then the obvious ones. You might not consider a commercial cleaning franchise because you hate the idea of vacuuming and cleaning, yet you'd be surprised to know that most franchisees in that industry spend most of their time acquiring new clients and negotiating contract terms. We encourage you to have an open minded approach during the discovery phase.

Contact information:

Lastly, we would need your contact information so that we can connect you to the franchise companies that are eagerly waiting to talk to you about their business.

Frequently asked Questions

Are there any costs involved to using your service?
No, you will never incur a cost from using our services.
How do you get paid then? What is the catch?
We get paid by the franchise companies to find qualified individuals. We do not get paid on a commission basis like most franchise matching companies. We do not have incentives to sell certain brands over another.
What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?
The Franchise Disclosure Document, formerly known as the UFOC, is a legal document that is intended to provide prospective franchisees with enough information to help them make an educated decision about buying the franchise. This document is required by law for all franchises to give to the prospective franchisee at least 14 calendar days before any agreement of sale is signed and finalized.
What are the key items in the Franchise Disclosure Document?
  • a. Initial Investment
  • b. Franchisor's Obligation
  • c. Franchisee's Obligations
  • d. Renewal, termination, transfers and dispute resolution
  • e. Financial representations
  • f. List of Franchisees – Present & Past
  • g. Financial statements
Wouldn't it be easier to look on the Internet and get a list of available franchises?
You can get lists of franchises off the Internet but it can be overwhelming with all of the opportunities available. We can help narrow the field and only show you opportunities that will be a good fit for you and are available in the area in which you are interested.
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